Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If there is one fallacy in the recruiting business, it is that it costs more to hire using a recruiting firm than it does to do it yourself. With your internal search team having multiple tasks it is difficult to isolate the cost of hiring let alone the quality of the process. The average hire of a quality professional takes a lot longer than you may think because it is interwoven with other HR activities.

With CoreHR, the recruiting process is focused and often shorter, meaning the candidate is not only identified and found but becomes your employee sooner thus generating funds that otherwise would be spent on the search process.

The result in time saved is indeed money earned. The quality of candidate is better and the other tasks of your HR people get the full time they require to be done as you expect them to be done, avoiding what can be costly short-cuts. This can be a very cost effective, quality solution to meet your needs.