Permanent Search

CoreHR brings the old adage of a win - win situation into reality by making equal commitment to client and candidate alike.

We are successful only when the match works for all concerned and so both 'sides' receive equal professional attention to make sure the relationship that is to come to be will work.

We have been in this relationship building process for a very long time. That time has allowed us to develop strong relationships in every part of the market and those relationships are used to the full. We develop a clear understanding of exactly what you are looking for in the ideal candidate and know where to find them.

CoreHR was founded and operates on the premise that the majority of outstanding achievers are currently employed and not actively seeking new career opportunities. These individuals generally remain unaware of newly created outside career opportunities and are therefore not considered or evaluated as potential candidates.

CoreHR specializes in identifying these potential candidates through our 'Direct Search Methodology'. This networking process ensures our clients an increased number of highly qualified candidates to evaluate and hire from that would not be available to them without the benefit of our services.

Media advertising is utilized as a supportive method for a total evaluation of a marketplace. In addition, advertising sometimes becomes strategically important as a public relations tool that can prevent deterioration of relationships with similar neighbouring organizations when top performers move from one organization to another.

Our direct search process has clearly answered a growing demand for locating this select group of individuals and has given us the opportunity to gain a broad base of recruiting experience at all levels.