Executive Search


Being experienced in a number of market segments and diverse clients within each, our team's high success rate demonstrates the advantage our tested methodology brings to all of our clients. Our clients return time after time as their firms grow and their need for 'the best in their field' has to be met.

Clients place their trust in our team and our methodology to have their search objectives reached to suit their requirements, their timelines and their budgets.


A senior consultant will be the team leader for your search. Consistency is both guaranteed and maintained through this prime contact person who is involved with each and every aspect of the process. Working hand in hand together we are constantly in touch with the frontline person of your search. At no time will subcontractors be used but rather only high quality full time employees of CoreHR will represent you to candidates. They in turn will be treated in a manner that truly represents your standards of respect and confidentiality that will make that all important first impression, the one you want made.


One of the exciting and dynamic features of CoreHR is the multi- faceted nature of our company. Executive search and counseling those affected at crucial moments of company reorganization both serve to enrich the base from which we work, giving us the greatest possible network that is in turn the source from which we meet your needs.


CoreHR works with all those affected by the transition, assisting with spousal employment, sourcing opportunities for continuing family interests and the like to ensure that everyone is 'on board' for the change that is about to affect all of them.

We have developed a unique 'candidate family needs assessment.' No new employee wants to come home at the end of the day to an unhappy family who blames them for that unhappiness. Our ’family needs assessment’ helps identify the issues that make everyone truly happy and part of the decision to make a move.

This in turn has been a significant factor in recruiting qualified candidates who are there for the long-term commitment our clients seek and deserve. The candidate and family feel that this move is good for all of them and the stress inherent in any such life change is significantly reduced with obvious benefits for the client.