Contract Staffing Solutions

Hiring contract staff through CoreHR brings time efficient solutions to the search process. Gone are the frustrations of recruiting, publicity, administration, the short listing and payroll. CoreHR takes away the burden of the staffing process giving you time that is essential for your core business. CoreHR develops a clear understanding of their clients and their needs so that they effectively meet those needs in the recruitment process. The scale of the search, whether it be for multiple positions or simply one, whether it be a local search, nationwide or beyond is immaterial. With CoreHR success is yours.

Keeping up with the 'legal times' is an important factor in employment. There are constant revisions to legislation, the payroll process, compliance regulations and everyone's nightmare - the audit. CoreHR specialists handle all of this for you.

We bring you cost effectiveness, facilitated hiring and the best in recruiting, leaving you the time to do what you do best - your business.