Career Transition

If there is a constant in the business world it is 'change'. Moving with the times is a necessity of success for businesses / organizations and their employees alike.

Missing any opportunity, not seeing options and lack of familiarity with what the competition is doing are all costly to those unable to deal with change.

In some cases change will come to an individual, small group of employees or a larger group in multiple centres when terminations become necessary. Good organizations provide as best they can for those employees. CoreHR has everything an organization needs to assist those in transition come to terms with the change they are experiencing and turn it into opportunity for growth and new career development.

A special team of CoreHR staff deal in Career Transition using their own well tested programme. The programme has been utilized in both large and small organizations with equal success making us leaders in the field. Most importantly this programme can provide a more positive internal and public image of your organization as providing as best it can in an uncertain time.

The idea of such a programme can appear on the surface to be a generalized guide. CoreHR meets the needs of each participant with a tailored programme to meet the needs of the individual and the industry. Every aspect of change is incorporated into the programme with no limit to the individual counseling sessions available, resume writing, interview preparation and of course recruiters.

The greatest asset of CoreHR is its business network covering most market sectors. This is the team made available to your staff who are in transition. The connection with the real world, with the changing world is invaluable in making this process lead to success. The network provides the information for career development and concrete opportunities for the participants.