Career Transition


Each transition programme is unique and thus fits the needs of the individual involved.

Those involved with these programmes enjoy a professional office environment from which to make applications and to develop skills. They are constantly supported by specially trained staff with an excellent participant / counselor ratio, unmatched in the industry.

For more senior level management (starting in mid-management and up), specialty one-on-one services are also made available. These services include psychological services emphasizing coping skills and also career aptitude. Financial advice with an emphasis on severance taxation is also provided to meet unique financial challenges at transition.


The day of termination is one of potential stress for all involved. Our package includes being present on-site to provide programmes directly to terminees. They are more comfortable when they see the real person who is there to help and are reassured that the help is indeed there for them. If, however, a terminee does not opt to use our services there is no fee for the on-site part of the programme.